The Common—photo-collage collaboration with Michael Eastman—“Temple Example” and other poems

Scoundrel Time —“Hold”

On the Seawall—”Near-Eternal Material” and “Saturation”

San Diego Reader—Two poems

Harvard Review Online—“Stint”

Plume—Two poems

Zócalo Public Square—”Pop Goes the World”

The Collagist:
“Cadeaux” and “Come Winter”

The Awl—Two poems:
“What to Do With Dead Birds”
“Plate 79 Crocodile Valley of the Kings, Egypt”

Narrative—Three poems
“Dear Matthew”

Slate—Two poems
“Visiting the Real Ranch”

Four Way Review—”People of New York”

The Volta—An essay about ideas in things

Audio: Poets & Writers Page One—
Sally Ball reading “No Threat, Nuthatch” and a section of “Dear Matthew”